Senior Project Manager

Energy generation through fusion is one of the most exciting technological developments of our time. A promising approach uses high-intensity laser systems, which, however, currently do not yet meet the requirements needed in a future power plant. In order to support these challenging developments on the critical path towards a commercially usable technology, our company was founded as a subsidiary of SPRIND (Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovations). 

SPRIND aims to create new disruptive innovations in Germany. This means products, services, and systems that noticeably and sustainably improve all our lives. To achieve this, it brings together innovative thinkers from science and business, people with outstanding ideas, special expertise, and passion.

In a joint project with Marvel Fusion, we will advance the ecosystem needed for the commercialization of a laser-driven inertial fusion approach. The main goal of this cooperation is to develop and manufacture a scalable, industrial diode-pumped ultra-high intensity laser system. 
By joining our company, you will be: 
  • Working at the forefront of laser-fusion-related science & ultra-high intensity laser system development
  • Support in solving one of the most complex technological challenges known to humanity, harnessing Fusion on Earth 
  • Working alongside world-leading scientists and entrepreneurs in laser science  
  • Working at the intersection of research and industry

The impact you will make

In this role, you will have the chance to broaden your horizon by working at the forefront of high-power laser fusion science. You will be a key person in managing the development of the unique ultra-high intensity high-power laser system within budgeting and timeline constraints. Your contributions will significantly impact the development of our cutting-edge technology. You will bring solid expertise to collaborate with multidisciplinary external teams e. g. with the Laser Group at Marvel Fusion, which is continuously developing and implementing new technologies to demonstrate key features of its unique laser-driven fusion concept. Furthermore, you will establish connections with external partners around the globe.

This role is ideal for candidates with hands-on experience in managing highly complex & interdependent projects who would like to develop further within a multidisciplinary and multinational team.
More specifically, you will: 
  • Manage the development of a unique, scalable, industrial diode-pumped ultra-high intensity laser system
  • Steer the goals and objectives & create a detailed project plan in close collaboration with the technical team lead 
  • Be the main contact person for status updates
  • Take over the stakeholder management and communication with external partners
  • Contribute your experience to the overall laser design and its approach
  • Ensure transparent communication in the project team

What you bring

  • Master or Ph.D. in Physics, Engineering, Business Administration, or a related field; with BA-Background, practical working experience should include the management of technical R&D projects
  • Extensive practical experience in managing complex development projects
  • Experience in developing lasers or sub-systems is a strong plus
  • A certification in project management education is a plus
  • Experience in leading diverse teams of experts in a collaborative manner
  • Confidence in negotiation and discussion in a constructive manner
  • Fluent English
  • A healthy amount of flexibility, adaptability, and a can-do attitude
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills 
  • Willingness to travel

Application Process

If you’re interested in this job application, please apply via Marvel Fusion’s website. Marvel Fusion will be responsible for screening applications and pre-selection of candidates based on their technical expertise and experience. Promising candidates will then be referred to us (upon consent by the respective candidate). Final interviews, negotiation of the hiring terms and hiring decision will be made by us without Marvel Fusion’s involvement.
Additional information:
Marvel Fusion benefits are not applicable to this job.

About Marvel Fusion

Marvel Fusion, founded in 2019 and based in Munich, is a technology pioneer in the field of safe, clean, and reliable power generation. With the aim of solving one of the biggest problems of humanity, we are developing a completely new type of fusion energy technology that dramatically increases the probability of fusion and builds on recent advances in laser and nanoscience.